Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speak up. I can’t hear you.

I’d like to hear from you! Let me know what you think of the blog. What you like, what you want to see more of.  That sort of thing.  All comments will be appreciated.

Also, as a reminder,  the editors at Nomadic View are working hard to put together the third (THAT’S RIGHT, Number 3!!) issue of Nomadic View Magazine, due June 1.  Links for past issues can be found on the sidebar of this blog.   June’s issue includes a popular past post, “Satanic Rituals and Animal Sacrifices in my Junior High School.”  A story about the devilish goings-on at my institute of education.


  1. I like your blog very much. It's colorful and fun....

    I am enjoying it every much.... keep blogging.... :)

  2. I like following your blog. My favorites are your stories and otobiographic writings. Keep writing pls.


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