Saturday, June 6, 2009

Three By Izzet Keribar

hagia_sophia_2  perge_after_the_rain

   keribarIzzet  Keribar writes:

I started photography in the mid 50's, first great experience in Korea after the war, restarted seriously after 1980. After countless slide shows and personal exhibitions and some flashy international prizes since, I decided to go fully professional in 1998. I love to travel, and to take pictures, I did not lose the joy of photography after becoming pro. I lecture students, organize workshops since 10 years, and keep an office with a very  large photo bank. Now after two months with TE, I realize once more that we all have a lot to learn from others techniques, framings, compositions, use of light, imagination and creativity. I appreciate comments, and also try to give a few useful thoughts in critiques. street_scene_alacati LpxPYrdyRInocP2tSTi5oG68l4=&h=542

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