Saturday, January 30, 2010

Footbridge Mishap

In Turkey I have seen this sort of thing too often. I think it has something to do with an attitude- which you can see practically anywhere nowadays- that rules apply to OTHER people. Or that rules and regulations are a unnecessary and just make life too complicated.
This way of thinking is changing. The government realized it had to spend less time drafting new laws and more time explaining why the laws and regulations were important to obey. It used to be much worse.
Another factor- which is quite common around the world- is that accidents- all accidents and disasters, man-made or natural - are merely an expression of God's will. Unfortunately with this perspective, an unbiased, thoughtful investigation into the causes and prevention are all but impossible. Most man-made disasters are a result of more than one factor and eliminating only one of them might have prevented the accident or lessened the effects. (But I don't know the specifics in this case.) Add improper training (or none at all), a lack of qualifications in hiring and, when necessary, a no proper way of monitoring performance.
I think what I find more disappointing and dangerous is the arrogance shown in the clip above of the news-readers (that's really all they are) as if incidents like this do not happen in the USA.

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