Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back on the Chain Gang- The Pretenders

I may have posted this a couple of years ago but this clip is so clear and the sound is perfect. Thanks so much to YouTube for bringing back the memories. Thanks to you Chrissie, too.


  1. Great find Mike! Ohio's finest, Chrissie Hinds! Dang, that is great quality, sounds sweet!
    I was just listening to some 80's on YouTube a minute ago, New Order, love them.
    I use Firefox and it just locks up solid anytime I visit your blog to view videos, no biggie I just switch to Chrome. Just odd.

  2. I primarily use Chrome nowadays. It just loads so much faster than the others.
    I always connect this song with a particular moment in my life when all my friends went away to university and I had to remain in my hometown and attend a dreadful local university which I hated.


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