Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gucum Yetene Kadar – Sukriye Tutkun

There are only a handful of Turkish singers I actually enjoy listening to. It isn't meant to be disrespectful because, for the most part, I tend to be rather picky about music.

However, Sukriye Tutkun is one of my favorites. She studied with opera during her training as a singer so maybe it has something to do with the clarity of her voice. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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  1. yeah şükriye tutkun is a good singer. her voice is impressive. im sure you know İlhan İREM. but i want to give advice:) you should listen his songs. there isnt my doubt that you like them.

  2. I am always afraid to give my opinion when somebody suggests a new singer. People can become a bit touchy. I will hunt for Ilhan and let you know what I think.. how's that? And thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh by the way, Mr. or Ms. Anon.. come back every Sunday and listen to some of the music videos I have posted. Most of them come from another generation but you might like them too.

  4. she`s got beatiful voice, she sounds like Emel Sayin 25 years ago.

  5. i will listen to them. listening to music is indispensable of my life:) also everybody may like listening different kind of music so you shouldnt be afraid. thats ok:) but im waiting for your ideas about ilhan irem. by the way its me(ms.Anon..)


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