Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Palin Accent Fail

Though it really comes as no great surprise, it is kind of interesting how the Palin schtick managed to fool so many people. In this clip we can see- without much doubt- how she has incorporated a folksy accent to her act.

In footage from her very early days, she speaks clearly and seems so much more real. I suspect she was, even then, way over her head when it came to politics.


  1. Yet another cool banner! Cool YouTube find.

  2. Thank you for this find. And I always LOVE being reminded of the VP debate. I had no interest in Biden before and couldn't care two cents about him, but the way he smiled during the whole debate was sublime. He couldn't have given her a bigger FU if he'd walked over, dropped his pants, and taken a dump on her. Glorious.

  3. I recall early the next morning walking to the corner market and seeing the Murdoch tabloid proclaiming Palin the winner. Later, it was leaked that the headline had been written prior to the debates. I suppose she "won" in that she didn't have a break down, or vomit or have a conniption fit or anything. It also changed (improved) my opinion of Biden as well.

  4. I wuz allus wondrin' bout Dubya's accent. I mean he's the only one I knew come out a Phillips, Yale, an' Harvard that sounded like that.


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