Sunday, April 18, 2010

Under Pressure


  1. My wife hates Queen, I like them and Under Pressure is probably one of their all time hits. The combo of Freddy and Bowie, c'mon, you can't get any better, and Freddy is just hitting all of the notes so perfectly. This is a really cool video as well.
    I'd say this should be dedicated to all of the stranded passengers everywhere!

  2. Have you noticed the improved quality from Youtube? I was absolutely blown away and set up favorites list of music videos.. Most of them from my generation. I thought they still sounded great. New song every Sunday.. love to hear your opinion or memories. Requests as well.
    As for Queen. Some songs I like better than others. Some get on my nerves after one or two times. "My Bicycle" is one. "Under Pressure" reminds me of when MTV was still new and exciting and the lyrics are so meaningful and true.

  3. My friend and I listened to Queen on 8 track over and over again, oh my goodness.
    I'm an late 70's/80's "New Wave" listener. The Cars, Elvis Costello and without a doubt, Psyche Furs.


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