Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

There was no information with the video so I am not sure what to believe. My first impression was that it seemed unlikely anybody would be that careless with a wrecking ball. Then I suspected it might have been part of the filming of an advertisement or feature film. If you have any information (to satisfy my aching curiosity) please drop a line. Or even you best theory.


  1. OMG I hope it was part of a film or advert. I wouldn't have liked to be in that car!

  2. Doesn't it HAVE to be a film? I mean.. well actually, Ayak, did you ever seen that footage of the building that was supposed to be demolished in Turkey. Instead it simply rolled over like a dog needing its belly rubbed.

  3. Hello there - Ayak's recommendation led me to you and I can see why she likes your blog so much. As for this wrecking ball - it sounds authentic but then ad companies would make sure of this I guess.

  4. No I didn't see that one Nomad?

    Oh and by the way I've passed on an award to to you over at my blog.

    Not sure if you're one of those people who doesn't accept them..but it doesn't was an opportunity to recommend your blog.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly this happened in Turkey.

    I can accept any award you care to donate! I can put it on the mantle next to the stuffed owl! I see you also recommend my site to the Frenchy. That's sweet of you. The more the merrier was always my philosophy!


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