Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some Cleverness from B3ta


Saw this cartoon on B3ta made by There are some really creative people who hang out at B3ta so make sure to check out the latest creations.  Warning: If you are easily offended, you may wish to avoid the link.


  1. yes, B3ta has a lot of interesting things and many of the people who visit have a wicked sense of humor. Some of it pretty filthy.

  2. hey thanks for blogging on my stuff, and cheers for the linky

  3. It's my pleasure. I wasn't sure how to give suitable accreditation for your work except for directing my visitors to your blog. I hope you approved.
    Great stuff by the way!

  4. Brilliant stuff Nomad...thanks for the link (from someone who isn't easily offended by such things but just appreciates how clever they are)

  5. @Ayak
    Somehow. Some way. I already knew that about you, dear friend. :)


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