Saturday, March 5, 2011

Andrew Bird

One of the very best things about the Internet, and probably one of the things that people in the music industry despise is the sheer number of fine artists who now are offered a fair chance to have their music heard all over the world.

A person like Andrew Bird, whose talent is undeniable, is one of those gifted musicians that cannot be easily pigeonholed. Folk? Well, yeah but that certainly a limited definition to the kind of music he makes.

“It’s been a part of my life every single day from the age of 4, but it wasn't until I was 16 that I finally registered it as something I was pretty good at, that I was going to throw myself into. I was going to become a musician, with all the attendant romantic and egotistical impulses. I practiced six hours a day, all the way through music school. There, I saw everyone being groomed for one institutionalized way of making music. I could tell that I'd be completely depressed playing violin in an orchestra. I knew, from that time on, I’d have to sew my own coat, book my own shows, wait for people to come to me. Got into this racket of getting in a van, driving round the country, and that’s still what I’m doing.”

That's the best definition of an artist that I believe I've ever heard. Frankly I can be selfish when it comes to discovering quality amongst all the crap that's out there. So I am often torn when I encounter little gifts like Bird's music, between sharing with the rest of the world who may or may not appreciate him as I do, or keeping this joy to myself.

So, I guess you can see what my final decision was. All young musicians should have a chance of knowing what to aim for, I think. And all those who think that all music nowadays is totally crap, then you can watch these two clips and feel a little better, I hope.

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