Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turkish Soldier Postcards

Yesterday, I was walking around in the shops in the center of town and stumbled across this old book store. Although I didn't find any book worth having, I did manage to find a basket full of old postcards. I love old Turkish postcards and, in the past, I have displayed a few from my collection. Sadly they are becoming harder and harder to find. I scooped up a handful, deliberated over each one, judging each on its own mad merits.

But what actually is the attraction, I hear you ask. Well, there is something uniquely cultural, somewhat bizarre and inexplicable (at least from an outsider's point of view)

Here are three that I found-I call the Postcards of a Soldier. Military service in Turkey is mandatory and the general rule is that young men serve in a region outside of their own area. So the result is a lot of lonely young men far away from all that is familiar. I suppose that the cards fit into the equation somehow but the details escape and confuse me. Just whom would they be sent to?

Memhet is not examining her diamond ring or checking for warts or anything like that..This it customary manner of showing respect to an elder.


Battle-hardened warriors meet. I bet she is divorced. AskerAsk2

I assume this is the homecoming marriage proposal. His bride-to-be looks like she has just come from her ice-skating lessons. Call me cynical but those flowers in his cap look like he might have yanked them from a nearby flowerbed.

Anybody have any idea what on earth that old man in the back is carrying? Has his canary flown? or is this a more obscure way to fish?


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