Sunday, November 16, 2008

Victorian Gay Marriage

Untitled-1 I wonder how much the objection to gay marriage is based on tradition ? If we had these wedding pictures on our walls of the long-dead Uncle Harold and Uncle Clive and grew up not paying much attention to it, would it be anything to get worked up over?



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  1. Hey there...I keep seeing these Victorian images of gay//lesbian couples on a Progressive or Breakstone commercial. I came to your site/blog hoping to find a compilation of gay images...especially from Weimar Deutschland but no luck!

    I think yes! If people displayed, kept, or even in passing pulled out photos of Great Uncle(s) and Great-Great-Auntie(s) with their partners we would have made great strides already.

    A friend of mine, his grand-mother married in 1940s Sicily an African-American GI. Finding no acceptance in the US they went back to Siciliy. Their images would have done the same thing for racial inter-marriage.

    I am AMAZED you have not had any responses.

    Hope to hear back soon!

  2. in fact, I did have one response but it was so inane that I decided to delete it- something I rarely do. It provoked me to post one of my most popular posts!

    Perhaps the title is a bit on the sensation side. If you get a chance to read it over, I would enjoy your comments.


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