Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gone to America

Reuters, Dec 4, 2002

MILAN, ITALY — An Italian man who packed his bags 44 years ago and told friends he was leaving for America was found dead inside one of the walls of his home.

An American woman who recently bought the house near Lucca in northern Tuscany discovered the body Tuesday as she was carrying out renovations, police said.

Inside a thick wall in the cellar the woman found human remains, two packed suitcases, a trowel and other equipment to make a wall, a rusted rifle and a bottle with a suicide note.

The note, on paper headed with the name Nemo Cianelli, explained that the man had discovered he had an incurable disease and had decided to kill himself. He said he had invented the tale of going to America to avoid upsetting his family.

Local newspapers reported in 1958 that Cianelli was missing, and speculated that he might have gone to America, but after a period of rumor and mystery, the story was forgotten.

Police said it appeared Cianelli had packed his suitcases, written the suicide note, built a wall up around himself and then shot himself.

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  1. Ah, poor guy. The house undoubted bought by an American woman who saw "Under the Tuscan Sun" too many times. Did that movie kill Diane Lane's acting career?

  2. Poor guy but I do question his judgement if he thought that suddenly disappearing would have been less painful for his family that dying in bed with the whole family around. I guess the idea of closure was not as popular back then.

    As far as the Tuscan sky thing, I admit I haven't seen it but from the description I think there are a lot of people who try that and find it isn't quite as easy as they thought. It's not even easy to live abroad in a metropolitan area where there are a lot more advantages!


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