Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nomadic View Makeovers: Donald Trump

After some very serious deliberation, the executives here are Nomadic View have decided that Mr. Donald Trump, New York tycoon, has one thing and one thing alone that is preventing him from stepping into the presidency. That mop on his head. Other than that- and his personality- nothing stands in his way. (And the fact that he has gone bankrupt a jillion times. )

Anyway, we assigned our wardrobe and makeup department to come up with a few new looks for the Trump.

Here then were our top four.

Yes, I agree, it is rather school marm-ish but it does have the advantage of color. This particular shade tends to bring out the residual skin color in his otherwise pasty flesh.

Notice how the tight structure maintains its shape against the challenge of those big gusts of hot air that seems to follow Donald wherever he happens to be.
Donald Trump hair
Here we have the Taj Mahal of hair-dos. It's a complicated style for a complicated man. (In fact this style is based on the salt-vampire from the old Star Trek series.)
Of course this "do" has some pretty challenging drawbacks. For example, because of its weight, it would require Donald to wear a stainless steel neck brace at all times.
Finally this is a style that requires a lot of time to maintain. For a multi-tasker with no discernable occupation that shouldn't be a problem for Trump.
donald Trump hairdo A savvy political fox like Trump would certainly never let the youth vote slip through his pudgy fingers.
Here we have the Justin Beiber look for Trump. I, for one, think it looks smashing and its strongest selling point- besides being uber funky and too too hip- is that it makes him look like a completely different person. And that ain't bad

donald Trump Makeover hair 
And now…. the winner!

By unanimous decision, this was the winner of the Nomadic View makeover for Donald Trump.

It's the last word in convenience for a man on the go. As a political strategy this Afro style opens Trump to challenge Obama for the black vote.

There's something about the shape that subliminally references Donald Trump perfectly.


  1. {{APPLAUSE APPLAUSE}} Yes, #4 is the winner! It looks like the asshole of an apricot poodle.

    Have you tried a bald Trump? What is he hiding under that combover?

  2. Indeed. Number four is what we call in the biz "the signature look" because it is really an image he already lives up to!

  3. I knew an apricot poodle. I loved that apricot poodle. That apricot poodle was a pet of mine. And Donald Trump is no apricot poodle.

  4. Wowser! Tweet this one out!


  5. After careful thought,yep you're right, #4 it is. For a minute there I was favoring the first, but I guess you professionals know your stuff.

  6. #4 it is. Good thing I had no liquids to spew!
    Didn't Bush call Rove the Turdblossom?
    I always thought Trump had two of those, with this picture, he has three! Now that is magic!

  7. its very funny hair tranformations......I entertained thank you for sharing!


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