Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pssst… Blogger Problems?

If you are having problems logging in to your blog or leaving comments on a blog, relax. It's not your computer.

Repeat: It's not YOUR computer!

So, you can stop fiddling with your laptop or PC and go for a walk. There's nothing you can do about it. Seriously.

Instead of a navbar along the top of the screen, I only see a blank spot. (Actually it's a thin slice of the login page appearing under my blog.)  If I try to log in, it  just keeps repeating the same login page. Holy loopin' logins!

It started a two days ago and from what I've learned, the problem is not confined to one area or one browser. FireFox allows you to login but you cannot comment. (I haven't tried any others.) I just approved of the comments waiting to be moderated. When I tried to respond to the comments, I went through all kinds of problem, eventually ending up, trying to log on again. ARGGG….

From the general tone at the Google Help Forum, many people are getting fed up with the problems with blogger. Especially coming on the heels of the previous downtime, only two weeks ago.

I think what is most annoying is when none of the people who are supposed to be resolving the problem even bother to keep people informed. I 've found that people will have a lot of patience if they believe that somebody somewhere is working on the problem.  This is the sum total of information released by Google people for the last 24 hours.

The modern help forum, that seems to be just about everywhere online, is a poor excuse for customer service. It's like being locking in a very slow, dimly lit waiting room, surrounded by numerous people all in the same predicament, growing increasingly angry.

Even finding the help forum isn't all that easy. So, being the compassionate type that I am, I can direct you to this address.

t's a nice place to rant up a storm but it really won't solve the problem.

Important Update:

Somehow I found a solution to the problem. This message might help. I had followed the advice given by Google/blogger about deleting the cache and the cookies. However, it is very important to delete the cookies and cache at least 4 weeks in the past. If not, it will have no effect. My Chrome is now much faster, by the way, so one of the cookies was apparently slowing the system down too. Hope this helps you.



  1. I'm not experiencing this problem...yet! However a fellow blogger emailed me who is so I'll pass on this info to her as she is tearing her hair out!

    Thanks for letting us know x

  2. Well, it's fixed now. After three days of waiting around. It was something to do with my cache.. or my cookies. Now the blog is about three times as fast as well. Who is baking those toxic cookies anyway!?


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