Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mohammad Mokhtari

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برای دوستان ایرانی من

A 22-year-old university student, died on Tuesday from a gunshot wound he suffered while participating in Tehran's pro-democracy demonstrations the previous day. He is the second person confirmed to have lost his life as a result of the 25 Bahman protests, following Saneh Jaleh. As in the case of Jaleh, the Islamic Republic regime has undertaken an intensive propaganda campaign to claim him as a government supporter, a campaign that has yet to account for the young man's final posting on his Facebook page: "God, let me die standing, because I'm tired of this life of degradation."


  1. All over the Middle East, there are alot of brave people who have overcome their fear of their despotic rulers in order to demand change. Quite a few, particularly in Libya, have lost their lives already.

    Fingers crossed that some other power crazed leader doesn't 'slip under the radar' and offers a psuedo democracy in these countries.

    I truly hope that those people get the democratic and free society they desire.


  2. A lot of brave people in the Middle East have overcome their fear of their despotic rulers to demand change and paid with their lives. I can't help noticing that it is the youngsters who 'lead from the front'

    I just hope that some other 'old git' doesn't 'slip under the radar' and offer a psuedo democracy in order to gain power. Fingers crossed.


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