Monday, February 7, 2011

Poem for my Parents



Just a note here, this poem was made using this nifty and fun tool.  It uses a concept like refrigerator magnets with a large list of words- not quite unlimited. I spent about an hour there, composing this poem. Suddenly I noticed my poem unraveling.. my carefully selected words would disappear. Then   I realized that I wasn't alone at the site and others were snatching my words away to make their own poems. That seemed symbolic of something, I don't know what but something. Maybe I can write a poem about it.

A challenge to my readers: Go ahead and use this poetry tool and give it your best shot. If you like it, send it as a comment.


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  1. Oh noooooooooooo! 10 minutes and I just couldn't cope with it! Too stressful!

  2. It helps to have a piece of paper and pen nearby to caught some lines before they vanish! I went back this morning and tried it again. I do hope I wasn't there at the same time as you! :)

  3. "to ask each other between which years we made a life" - gave me chills!

    thanks for sharing!



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